I’m Jackie Rutan

I remember telling my parents from my dorm room that I was going to drive across the country to work in Hollywood. I was finishing my B.A. in Film & Video at The University of Toledo in Ohio and I wanted to do the real thing – work in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. After working on movie sets for a few years, I realized I wanted to be more than a small cog in a big machine. Also during that time, I met my husband, Bob. We grew up three hours away from each other but had to move to the west coast to meet. We planned our Ohio wedding in just four months – from Los Angeles. Soon after, we made the big move north to the bay area and I started my business. It has been seven years and I am grateful to all of my clients who have trusted me with their photos. Today, Bob and I live in Oakland with our two boys, James (3) and Calvin (1). I do photo sessions and weddings on the weekends when Bob is home to watch the boys and I edit photos during naps and after bedtime.

As a photographer, my biggest goal is to give you a variety of meaningful, brilliant photos that captures what is most important to you, plus lots of happy surprises. I know that when I’m handing over an online gallery, I am giving you something that you will treasure for years to come. Just like every time I see our engagement photos, I remember the excitement of starting that new chapter in our lives. Little boys certainly grow fast and I am so glad that I have pictures to look back on, to remind me of how small mine once were. James and Calvin already sit and flip through our wedding album together and recognize newborn pictures of themselves. I look forward to going through all of those photos together with Bob when we’re too old to remember each other’s names. And that is what I want to do for you.





5 Things About Me

I only drink iced coffee, never hot, which I have learned to make at home by putting a freshly brewed cup in the freezer for 20 minutes, pour over ice and add milk, sugar and some chocolate syrup.

Currently, I am reading “Knowing God” by J.I. Packer. I may have started it when Calvin was born but I am still chipping away at it.

My new favorite TV show to watch is “Love It or List It.”   I always pull for Hillary!

I try to create a Montessori-At-Home environment for my kids. This means lots of online research and trips to the dollar store to create activities that encourage life skills or develop fine motor skills that they perform in stations.

I like all things chocolate.