Mommy and me mini sessions in Alameda for Mother's Day.

Why Mommy and Me Photo Sessions Are Important

You may be asking, “What is a Mommy & Me photo session?” It is a photo session that showcases moms interacting with their children. These are a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day. While photos with our kids are wonderful treasures for us moms, they will also be something that our children appreciate when they are older.

Today’s generation has every moment captured digitally, but Mom is usually the one taking the picture. When we do end up in a photo, we’re very likely to be rocking yoga pants and a messy hair bun. Our own childhood years are documented in somewhat blurry images on fading Kodak paper. I don’t know anyone who feels like they didn’t wish they had more photos of themselves with their mom growing up. The photos we do have are held onto very tightly.

So take the time to have some great photos taken of you with your kids. Great photos like when your child is telling you a story and they’re working very hard to form the words but they’re so happy that you are patiently listening to them. Or of that wide smile they get when you sit and play with their favorite toy with them. Or bottling up the feeling of a great big hug in a photo. Yeah – that kind of great.