Wedding Shoes

I’m back online! I took a long break from blogging and social media. I’m a big fan of being okay saying “no” to some things, because it usually means being able to say “yes” to other things. But now I’m getting back into the swing of things and I have lots to share. You can follow me on facebook, instagram and pinterest. Just click the links at the top of my website.

I first took a break from blogging and social media, when I took a long trip home for my sister’s wedding. Whenever I go home, I come across the shoes I wore at my wedding eight years ago that sadly I have no detail photos of. So I finally took the time to take some photos, just for me.

I wanted to be able to take some time at my sister’s wedding to take some pictures. You never know if you may have the chance to capture something that the wedding photographer didn’t. Wouldn’t you know it, but after the photographers left my sister’s bedroom, our family dog came and sat dutifully beside her. I’m glad I was able to capture that moment. I also had to make sure someone took photos of her shoes.